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Volontärarbete i Belgien 2010

10 mars 2010

För er som är intresserade av att arbeta utomlands och med humanosteologi/gravarkeologi finns nu tillfälle i Belgien. Om du är intresserad kontakta Katrien Van de Vijver på nedanstående mailadress för mer information.

Dear All,

I am currently working as an on site physical anthrologist on the excavation of the Medieval and post-Medieval cemetery of the Cathedral of St. Rumbold in Mechelen, Belgium. There is a huge amount of work and little time, since we are expected to find between 2000 and 4000 inhumations. We have already found some very interesting burials, including a number of multiple burials. The excavation will run until the end of October 2010. I would like to appeal to any volunteers or students who would like to expand their experience of excavating (a lot of) human remains. Unfortunately we are unable to offer any remuneration for the work, travel costs or accomodation, although we could send you a list of places for accomodation and there is a youth hostel not very far from the site.

If you are interested, please contact me at katrien.vandevijver[delete_this_at]mechelen[dot]be or katvdv83[delete_this_at]hotmail[dot]com.

//Osteologiska föreningen


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